Recycle Your Old Eyeglasses

Volunteers recycling eyeglasses Your older prescription eyeglasses have unlimited value. When you donate them to the California Lions Friends in Sight they get collected and forwarded to one of two local recycling centers. At these centers, the useable eyeglasses are cleaned, disinfected, verified and catalogued into storage containers based on power, lens style and frame style such as man's, woman's, boys or girls, etc.

When these centers have excess inventory, that inventory gets sent to other national and or international recycling centers or similar organizations for use.

As a source of perspective, it has been said that the best definition of middle class, is one that allows you to pay your bills, put some money away and allows some free spending cash. In third world countries, middle class could be considered in the range of $4 to $10 a day. Irrespective of the economics, if do not have the ability to pay for the eye care and/or the eyeglasses you need, you are stuck. Naturally, this holds for people in non-third world countries as well. Additionally, organizations trying to address this need have limited resources and cannot afford to manufacture all the prescription lenses and purchase the ophthalmic frames needed.

Eyeglass Collection Menu

California Lions Friends in Sight has eyeglass collection boxes scattered all over the community in various businesses and public buildings in Southern California. When you have an extra pair of eyeglasses that have become useless to you, please consider donating it for further use.

To recycle Eyeglasses outside Southern California contact your local Lions Club. Find your local Lions Club information.